One of the things I miss the most from my pre-unemployment days are the $200 massages from four star resorts I used to visit. Almost every few weeks, we’d go to a resort for the weekend and get a couple of massages at the spa which typically ranged from $190 to $275 plus tip ($75) and service fee but because we continue to spiral into a depression, we’re hoarding cash now and wouldn’t dare think of spending that kind of money now.

Unfortunately, my muscles feel very tight and knotted and I’ve been aching to go to a masseuse to get the problem fixed. Since I’ve been unemployed, I’ve been going to the gym for 2 to 4 hours at a time working out by lifting weights and hitting the treadmill for an hour or two at a time. I recently discovered though that there is a masseuse school next door to the gym! The massages are $25 and conducted by students and from what I understand no tipping is allowed!

Update:  I had the massage this morning and it was actually interesting.  Because the masseuses are students, they are required to follow the curriculum which includes stretches and other massage exercises that most resort masseuses seem to skip over.   In any event, the massage was good and only cost $25 and NO tipping is allowed.