What would you do with $50,000 in cold hard cash?   I spent the day wondering that today because while I am still waiting on a few final documents to finish my 2012 tax return I can see the raw numbers now.   So 50k is about $4166 per month, what would you buy with an extra 4000/month?  Would you go on a nice vacation every month?   What about buy a new car?  Heck you can easily afford a BMW with 4k per month.    I did the math and 4,000 a month at 6% over 60 months (five years) is about $200,000 so you could actually afford a Bentley although I don’t own one myself.

Sadly, I think my 50,000 will probably only support a federal employee’s pension benefits for about 6 months or so given the ridiculous nature of their pay.   Oh well, now time to see what kind of tax loop holes I can find to get some of that money back….