Wow, it’s been ten days since I’ve last posted and time flies when you’re at home working on various projects.  So what have I been up to?

For starters, I’ve been clearing “land” in my backyard and planting crops.  I’ve planted corn, carrots, onions, bell peppers, water melon, tomatoes and various flowers all throughout my backyard.   I really hope the yield will be much better than in years past and I’ve never planted so much seed so I’m not entirely sure what will happen.   This is not easy work, if anything it is back breaking work as it took several hours just to weed the land and much longer to sow seeds.   I was so exhausted after a few days that I stopped going to the gym since I had more muscles sore from “farming” than I did when I completed several circuits at the gym.

I’ve also been working on some indoor projects and odd jobs that have been sitting in the queue for quite some time.  I finally got around to fixing my daughters bicycle which suffered from a perpetual flat tire.   I also made a homemade swing for the kids out of broken old fencing boards I had lying around. I’ve cut down on the TV somewhat since the economic data (the real data that matters) has been too depressing to watch.

Not much has changed on my world view of what’s coming, job losses continue to mount and many people’s anxiety continues to climb.   Many of my former co-workers are worried about losing their job or the company going bankrupt.   Other friends and family continue to view things pessimistically and while there are glimmers of hope in some data it’s not significant enough, in my opinion, to make much of a difference.

We are clearly in a deflationary period as wages and prices continue to drop almost across the board.   I went grocery shopping and was shocked to see a 17oz box of HoneyComb cereal selling for $1.45.   This same box sold for about $4 a year and a half ago.  I can also tell that the grocery store owners are trying to artificially hold on to higher prices and margins but I think it’s a futile effort.   The grocery stores all have a pattern of being full at three time periods: the beginning of the month, the 15th of the month and the end of the month.   I can only surmise that people are shopping when they either get their paycheck, unemployment benefits or welfare checks.

Rather than continue to write about “gloom and doom” however I have simply opted to observe the data and make some notes and continue to plan the way I best see fit.   The government has monetized so much debt (i.e. created “money” out of thin air) that inflation is going to whack everyone really hard at some point in the future and while many believe it is a long time away, the fact that the herd is tipping toward the “deflationary” side of the boat means that it’s time to start preparing by moving toward the other “inflationary” side.   I’ll hopefully have some interesting observation posts soon!