My name is Slick, Rich Slick and my goal in life is to make money the easiest laziest way I can. Given the choice between earning $2,000 by working 80 hours or earning the same $2,000 by clicking a mouse on a computer screen in 8 seconds which one would you rather do?

After spending months and months reviewing all the financial blogs out there I grew frustrated that no one was sharing insight into how to make real money. Some blogs out there boast that they have millions in cash lying around – well that’s great but how did they earn it? What strategy did they use? Why don’t they tell us?

Alternatively, many of the financial blogs out there had pretty much the same cookie cutter advice: save money, spend less than you make, clip coupons, and invest in diversified mutual funds. Blah. While this advice is great for someone starting out, what do you do after you’ve save up some cash and want to earn money?

I developed my own personal two pronged approach to getting rich called Get Rich Slick. The basic concept is simple and it’s like sending two different couriers with your wealth package to a destination in the distant future. Each messenger taking different paths to ensure that you package gets there. The first courier takes the safe, slow and steady route while the other courier cuts through the dangerous woods in an effort to reach their final destination quicker. The hope is that if the fast courier doesn’t make it out of the woods, your backup courier (safe & steady) will make it!

The first path to wealth is Get Rich Slow. It simply involves doing some pretty basic stuff. Maximize your 401k contributions, get matching dollars from your employer, contribute to a Roth IRA, improve your skill set to earn greater income, and build an emergency fund. I won’t dwell too much on this topic because there are hundreds of PF Bloggers that will be more than happy to tell you about diversification, asset allocation, contribution, matching, tax implications, etc.

The second path to wealth is to Get Rich Quick. I will spend a great deal of time talking about some investment strategies that have worked fairly well for me over the past few years. ETF Covered calls have worked phenomenally well and I write about this topic most frequently.

The net result of adding Get Rich Slow + Get Rich Quick = Get Rich Slick

Legal Disclaimer: My goal is to make money the easiest laziest way possible and that sometimes involves high risk investments that may result in loss of any and all funds that could include initial capital investment. Please do not take any posts you read on this blog as advice on what you should do with your money. Consult a financial advisor or professional broker before you take any action.

Educational Resources: I have created a set of links labeled “Beginners Guide to …” If you are unfamiliar with any of the strategies involved in the MMO (Money Making Opportunities) or Trading strategies, I suggest you take the FREE courses offered by these websites. These websites will help you get started in learning about the world of finance.

Why I Have a Disclaimer Stating This Blog Is For Readers Earning 100k or More?

The disclaimer exists there because there were a few frustrated readers questioning the viability of my investment strategies, personal finance advice and other comprehensive strategies that require high capital of 25k or more.

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