The airline industry is in total turmoil and the recent announcements of Southwest, American and soon Delta grounding their fleets for inadequate maintenance is frightening. I perfectly understand the pressures of trying to compete for greater profitability so here are some tips that might help you out:

While traveling around the world, it would be nice if you reserved two seats on your plane for the following two people:

  • An on board travel agent
  • The passenger

The two will meet at some point and can discuss booking or re-arranging: ground transportation, hotel/lodging, tourist activities, airfare and other services. You won’t do this for free because you’ll charge a flat fee of say $100 to provide this assistance to your passenger. Perhaps you can work out a deal with partners to make this a subsidized services but in no way should it be “free” where everyone on the plane will want to grab the agent.

Instead of selling $5 drinks or box lunches or cheap $2 headsets to a few people, sell some quality services to a few people.  It feels kind of embarrassing to be in a plane with flight attendants peddling these wares.   It reminds me of those trips to Mexico where a guy comes up to your car with a box of gums trying to sell you some for a few pesos.

Instead of charging $25 for an extra bag, why don’t you offer porter services at each location you offer through a subscription plan. In case you didn’t notice, subscriptions are the big thing these days: Netflix, iPod, iTunes, etc.

Speaking of iTunes, for the love of god, can you please provide internet access on your airplanes! Of course, having this might mitigate having a travel agent on board but maybe not.

In the future, the first airline to move from big city hubs to smaller airport, point to point service via small jets will win my business almost guaranteed. I loathe wasting hours on end waiting to get cleared through TSA at the big city airports and in general the ridiculous parking fees, traffic, congestion, and overall mayhem and chaos at big city airports make them a living dinosaur that will make them extinct by something better in the near future.

I have many more ideas but these will come with a fee and hopefully my business……