In my last couple of jobs I’ve had the corner office in the high rise and this time is no different and I usually get to oversee the traffic on a major freeway or interstate and as I’ve sat on my desk the last six months and checked the traffic I’ve seen a considerable uptick in the number of large rigs coming and leaving the city.    There is currently significantly more traffic on the freeway, although still small, than I’ve seen in the past few months.

This past weekend, I started a project to implement a 56 square foot garden box to grow veggies this season, I purchased some items at Home Depot and overheard the manager tell an associate that they were beating all of their sales targets.   I have to give it to Home Depot, the service there has DRAMATICALLY improved and I’ve been going back more often since the people are so helpful.  Almost all the items I purchased this past visit were loaded onto a trolley by helpful sales associates and they even loaded the heavy cinder blocks, soil and other items into my truck for me.

I’ve been heading out to lunch with co-workers a few days out of the week and I’ve been shocked at how packed some of the restaurants are during lunch.  It would seem that the “fear factor” is diminishing a bit and while there are still plenty of problems and potential pitfalls with the economy, there is anecdotal evidence that things are getting a wee bit better.   Where we go from here is anyone’s guess….