After writing a post on my experience on AT&T Uverse a few days ago I have a dramatic update!  My service went out for two days for some unknown reason.  Worse yet, the service also knocked out my POTS service at home; I specifically didn’t bundle voice, TV and internet on one service because I was concerned about losing ALL service when one went done but that didn’t seem to matter.

So I call up AT&T Uverse service and speak with a rep only to waste 30 minutes confirming that my service was dead and then scheduling a repair visit for the next day.   I come home from work early only to discover that the repair guy never shows.  I call up and ask where repair guy is and they have no record of me calling.   I ask for them to check again at which point they acknowledge that I did call the  previous day to report a failure but no record of a dispatch.

“So you know I called and had no service but you didn’t dispatch?” I ask.   The lady hangs up on me at this point.

I call back again and the next rep says he’ll have someone out in a few hours.   A few hours later rep shows up and spends 3 hours fixing the problem.   So for two whole days I had no internet or TV service and for some reason, no POTS service either.

We had been playing with the AT&T DVR and figured we could just watch some of the recorded shows on the DVR right?   WRONG.  Evidently, you can’t watch shows recorded on the DVR unless the service is running.   I think this is a very stupid idea AT&T.  If your service is down, why not let people watch shows on the DVR to at least be able to watch SOMETHING!    I then figured the AT&T box would at least have a port so I could attach an antenna and watch local over the air channels but that doesn’t exist either.   I can’t watch local channels (without an HD tuner) so the box is completely useless and dead.

At this point, I’m wondering if I should bother with the media features because they may not work if the service is down.

To conclude, I have to break down my AT&T experience into three components:

1. The “digital” experience is pretty good and far superior to anything else I’ve experienced so far.

2. The “customer service” experience was pretty wretched with hang up, lost dispatch, and delayed repair.

3. The “feature” experience certainly needs improvement.   If service is down, customers should be able to at least watch DVR’d shows!