I picked up Wade Cook’s Safety 1st Investing when it was recommended by a reader.  I read the book a while back and I’m just now getting around to writing a review of the book.  Wade Cook does a good job covering all the different types of stock trading & investing: Diversification; Company News & Quarterly Earnings; Calls; Puts; Spreads; Naked/Covered writing; Index plays and various formulas


The book I have was actually published in 1999 and no doubt, was written to capitalize during the dot com boom, but the strategies are still usable today.  I like buying older books on occasion to find if they stand the test of time.  What might have been popular 8 years ago may not be so popular today but I find that options trading has increased significantly since the late 90s so the book does hold up against time.

If you need an overview on different trading methodologies and understanding the importance of keeping up with the news and company’s financial statements then you should consider reading the book.   If you regularly visits sites like finance.yahoo.com to check out a company’s balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, options and stock price, and trade (even occasionally) calls or puts then you probably won’t get much out of the book.