A friend who goes camping every year during the summer was kind enough to inform me that all camping sites within a 300 mile radius of where I live are booked solid for the summer.   I was pretty amazed since I had been planning on taking the kids camping during the summer during my extended unemployment but those plans now seem to be a wash.

Evidently many people are deciding to simply stay near home and drive to camp sites this summer as a potential summer vacation and I find that fascinating.   I have a subscription to TravelZoo’s best deals of the week and each week the deals keep getting better and better.   Recently I’ve received Cancun trips (all inclusive) for as low as $199 for 3 to 4 days/nights.    Costa Rica seems like a bargain at $299 for 5 nights per person.

I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this summer but with deals like that perhaps camping isn’t a great idea.   I’d hate to be at those camping sites with hundreds of other people “disturbing” the peace so perhaps Costa Rica and Cancun will be empty this summer!

BTW, sorry for my short disappearance but I’ve been having problems with my hosting provider but that seems to have been fixed now.