I’ve been doing a great deal of shopping since I’m hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow at my house and today I visited three stores:  Whole Foods, Costco and a local grocery chain.  This is what I saw:

Costco – Moderate traffic but significantly lower than I’ve seen in years past although I did see a few people picking up many LCD TV screens most were shopping lightly.

Whole Foods – Oh my god, I never knew Whole Foods was so expensive.   I paid $33 for a turkey there but I wanted to taste the difference between an “organic” turkey and a regular turkey.   The place was pretty empty considering the location was at an intersection of a high volume of traffic.

My local grocery store – This place was PACKED and it’s where I generally shop for groceries and it’s also the place that has the most entertaining and colorful people.

I got home and began to think about it and I just don’t see how Whole Foods is going to survive at least without either reinventing itself or getting bought out.  I think a buy out from Costco might be a good thing if Costco were even interested.    Good luck Whole Foods but today’s conscious consumer can’t afford your wares, heck I can’t afford your wares and I get paid big bucks!