I picked up an HD Camcorder this weekend and quickly realized that the $750 it cost was a mere starting point of expenses associated with this new toy.   I’ll start off by saying that the HD picture quality on this camcorder is absolutely amazing.  With some upcoming vacation trips overseas, I wanted to get the best picture & video quality while on our excursions and I have no regrets!

The first expense came in with the purchase of some 43mm filters for the lens on the camera.  I ordered a clear filter to protect the built in lens and ordered an ND9 filter to film in extremely sunny days.   Bright sun and white sandy beaches don’t come out well on a camcorder without some filters so they’re definitely needed.   The pair of filters came in at around $50.

The camcorder came with a battery but unfortunately, the small battery only has about 2 hours of time so I ordered an extended (larger) battery.  Cost $100.

The camcorder has high resolution picture taking capability and an SD slot but unfortunately, the camera didn’t come with an SD card.  I’m actually glad it didn’t come with one because most cameras come with a 32mb card which is practically useless on high resolution photos.  I purchased a 2 gb SD card for $20.

While at the store purchasing these items, I came across a “gorilla” tripod.   It’s a “slinky” type tripod that will wrap around various objects vs. the standard fixed three-leg model.   What caught my eye was seeing the tripod wrapped around handle bars on a bike and after that point, I was sold.  I figured that if I’m biking through Europe or on a beach that it would be cool to fix my camera to my bike with the tripod.   I’ll find some other interesting uses for the tripod as well in my amateur photography hobby.  Cost $20.

The last thing I purchased was a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable.  Unfortunately, the camcorder didn’t come packed with one but did come packed with USB and Composite cables to hook up to the TV.  Obviously, if you want HD quality you need to use HDMI interfaces on your camcorder and TV.  Cost $25.

I’m still debating on whether I really need some of the other accessories.  Additional fixed zoom microphone, zoom lens, wide angle lens, lights, and other miscellaneous items.

I may likely buy the wide angle lens and that will set me back another $130.  At some point, I’ll need to store all the video on either hard drives or BluRay discs of some type so the expenses will only keep growing.

It’s just another case of cascading expenses and I’m glad I have the cash to enjoy the toys to their full potential.