Console games and portable game players provide a great deal of entertainment. They come in handy during rainy days or cold weather that keeps you indoors but they do come with a high price.

Over the years, we’ve managed to accumulate a PS2 (received as a gift 5 years ago) XBox (also a gift), Gamecube (purchased for kids) and Ninento DS (for kids). I first realized how expensive these devices can get when I received the PS2 as a gift. The PS2 came with a single controller and no memory cards. I remember that week having to go to the store and buy a controller ($20) and memory card ($20). While there, I decided to pick up a game too (another $50). So in one quick week, we easily spent $90. Over the years, I purchased numerous controllers, memory cards, and costly games.

Lately, we’ve been going to GameStop to offset some costs. We have traded in old games for newer ones and the kids seem to like the exchange format. We get minimal value for the games but since none of us play them anymore it seems to make sense to trade them in for something else. We could sell them on ebay but I simply don’t have the time to deal with the hassle of posting the titles, wait for a buyer, ship them the merchandise and hope for the best.

Of course, there is a detrimental effect not only to one’s finances but to one’s health from these devices. The games can be quite entertaining and convert you into a couch potato if you’re not careful. If you are considering purchasing something a game console, I can only advise you to keep sure you undestand the full costs before purchasing one:

  • Game Console – $199 and up
  • Controller – $20+/each
  • Memory cards – $20+/each
  • Games – $39+/each and up (you can get games for half their cost after they’ve been out for about a year)
  • Health – add 10 – 20 lbs to your weight after you purchase 😉