Over the past few months I have been inundated with requests to review or write articles about various new financial sites out there.  I have been adamant that I do NOT allow ads on my site but I will periodically do reviews of new sites and products when I feel like doing so. Unfortunately, it is becoming difficult to filter out the spammers and con artists versus the legitimate business and personal sites out there so I have been reluctant to write about any of them.

I’ve decided that I’ll spend the following week (not next week) reviewing and writing about some of these sites which I deem as legitimate, find interesting and might have some value for my readers.    If you have been reading this blog and would like for me to review your site this is the ONLY time I will solicit and consider writing a review.    The deadline to submit your site for review is next Friday 11/14/08.   I will select a few sites that I deem worthy of my time and write about them here.   So far, I have two sites that I will write about PocketSmith.com out of New Zealand and Geezeo out of Connecticut, USA.

Please use my contact page to submit a request.