A good friend sent me a link to an interview with one of Duke’s Dean of Admissions as a primer on what colleges look for in a student candidate.    I saw the interview and immediately told my friend it was 90% bullshit.    We both have kids that will be applying to college soon and I have a large network of  “people that know people” within some of the most prestigious universities and they all whisper the same thing, “Don’t bother applying, the admissions system is so skewed in favor of the well connected it would be a miracle for you (your child) to get in.”

No doubt you’ve either seen or heard of the outrageous racist rants held by OU students that happened to be members of SAE.   When I started college over 20 years ago, fraternities on campus were always doing crap like this and wasn’t limited to racism but also extended into anti-semitism, sexism, homophobism and just about any other ism you can think of but that’s what frats have long been known for and things don’t seem to have changed in 20 years and no doubt this behavior goes way back well over 60 years.

My big question to Universities is if we have such crack interviewers clearly picking out the “winners” from the losers though rigorous admissions reviews consisting of SAT scores, grades, community services, 40 dimensions of compatibility, and other feel good adjectives then how in the hell are we having these issues?

If you go over to Google News and type “college campus”  you’ll get top links talking about campus rape, campus anti-semitism, campus racism, campus crime and of course college debt.    Wow, if this is what we can expect by bringing the best and brightest to colleges imagine what the campus would be like without the crack team of admissions people doing their job!   Here’s an experiment, run “college campus” five years from now, then ten years from now and you’ll be surprised to likely see the same thing.

I told my good friend that if we actually admitted students based on what university admissions directors say they use as criteria then almost every university would be filled with students from China, Japan, India, and almost any other country with higher profile students than U.S. students but that’s not what we find on campus today is it?

I honestly don’t care about universities any more, I received my MBA from an online accredited university and have had a couple of Harvard graduates wipe out at work when I tasked them with too much work activity that they ultimately ended up quitting and going elsewhere.    I’ll support my kids in whatever they want to do but the writing is quite literally on Google News as to why not waste your time with campuses anymore.