I had lunch with a former co-worker college and he showed me his new iPhone.  I asked him why they were switching and he said that the company didn’t want to support Blackberry servers and pay licensing fees for it anymore.  Evidently, the iPhone can connect to the e-mail server without a blackberry server.  I’m not sure of the technical logistics of it but I was interested in what RIMM stock was doing so I decided to check it out.

From what I can tell, RIMM is on a struggle to get traction.  The economic meltdown seems to have taken a huge toll on Blackberry but I’m wondering if the change in business attitude is going to hurt RIMM in the long term.    Personally, I’m waiting for the rumored carrier-free Google Phone to come next month so I can buy it.   I’m tired of waiting for Apple to separate from AT&T so I can buy an iPhone and the company issued Blackberry I have has a pretty crappy browser so my choices are fairly limited.

I hope Google is serious about the Nexus cause I’m serious about buying.