Sometimes things happen in the world that could be very attributable to incredible random coincidences and yet sometimes the events fit a very plausible conspiracy theory even if it is a bit far fetched.   So in the past few weeks I’ve been reading about some interesting happenings around the world and I’ll start with Martin Armstrong.

Martin Armstrong is a cycle theory man with a pretty good track record.   He is currently in prison and has been for a while but was recently moved to a maximum security prison after a few reporters were demanding some more interviews on his take on the current economic mess.   You can catch up on this conspiracy theory here and you can get a great background read here.

Next up is the peculiar timing of the death of the Bloomberg reporter who died recently of heart related illness.   What is so special about this reporter was that he was the one that sued the Fed for disclosure on its activities during the economic crisis.   Despite several orders from a Federal judge that the Fed needs to comply with disclosure, I don’t think a single document has been produced yet out of this case by the Fed which continues to appeal.

And lastly, there are a few stories about a recent delivery to Hong Kong of gold filled with tungsten instead of pure gold.   You can read about that theory here.

All of these stories and theories line up for something I read over at another site claiming that a collapse is coming in the Summer of 2010.   I guess we’ll need to wait and see.