I’m not going to write a pro or anti immigration post but what I will try to do is to quantify why the issue exists and who’s profiting from this “evil.”


Let’s start with the basics. We have people all over the world that want to immigrate to the US. Some are willing to wait and do it legitimately while others aren’t willing to wait. I’m going to focus on those unwilling to wait for the legitimate process and the “free market” and “extreme profits” that the expediency creates for EVERYONE.

At the initial stage of an anxious immigrant’s journey, there exists a network of profiteers willing to assist in the journey from distant country to US. We start with the “coyotes” that, for a fee, will “help” transport you across the border. I’m not sure what the exact fee is but I think it’s around $500 to $1500 per trip.

Once a newly arrived immigrant arrives in the US, he’ll need some type of identification, a job, and a place to stay for the foreseeable future.

Who’s profiting? Someone will provide the adequate “documents” so that a person can appear legitimately and apply for a job. I’m guessing that “documents” can be obtained for a fee of around $50 to $100. That amount doesn’t sound like a great deal but when you multiply it by 1 million you can easily see how $50 million to $100 million is generated in pure profit for someone.

With newly minted “documents” come the opportunity for plenty of jobs. Who profits? Whether a restaurant hires a person to wash dishes, or a contractor hires construction workers to build homes, a meat packing plant hires meat packers or you hire a guy to mow your lawn and do your landscaping, each corporation or individual is profiting off of “cheap” labor. The argument from corporations is that without cheap labor, higher costs would be passed on to consumers which would result in higher prices. A head of lettuce would cost $10 instead of $1.99 at the grocery store. Whether this statement is true or not I don’t know, but what I do know is that profit is always the primary motive of any corporation.

Uncle Sam profits from these job opportunities too as employers pay FICA, Medicare and other taxes and fees for each employee and the tax man takes his cut.

Well, our immigrant friend has entered the US, now has a job and can find a place to live. Plenty of Apartment complexes are all too eager to fill their vacant apartments. If the “documents” don’t look exactly legit then it’s no big deal because big profits can be made from renting to people who can’t complain too much about poor building facilities.

Is this the end of the money making opportunities from a newly arrived immigrant? Hardly! Some immigrants will actually want to learn the language and acquire some skills so plenty of profits can be made by “educational” institutions. English classes can be found in any major city for a fee of a few hundred dollars per month.

Some immigrants that actually manage to succeed to some degree find that they might want a home, a vehicle, a bank account and decent healthcare.

Bank of America recently announced that it wanted to extend credit cards and bank accounts to immigrants (whether in the US legitimately or not) and it doesn’t surprise me. An immigrant paying 20% interest on a credit card can be very profitable for a bank. I’m sure that high rates on home loans, car loans, and other loan instruments have proven very profitable for Bank of America.

So you say that you’re outraged at the whole thing and you know that you don’t profit in any way shape or form and you want it to all stop! The only problem with your outrage is that you are profiting from it at almost every level. If you own Bank of America shares (or any bank involved with these schemes) then you’re profiting. If you own shares in the Housing Industry, Educational institutions, Health care providers, car manufactures, or any other consumable then you’re pretty much profiting from it too to a certain extent.

If you’re a government employee, then you’re livelihood depends, to an extent and in a strange way, to these immigrants. Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Customs, etc all have a part in their livelihoods tied to meeting the demands of the crisis.

Politicians on both sides use the immigration issue to rile up support for their respective parties; money pours into their coffers to “address” the issue and this is yet another form in which politicians can “profit” from waves of immigrants. Cheap labor = higher profits for business owners (e.g. Republicans), more immigrants = more government social services and taxation (e.g. Democrats).

Do the math and try to figure out how much money can be squeezed out of an illegal immigrant and I think you’ll see how profitable it can be for savvy entrepreneurs. I could go on and write about more scenarios and situations but I think the point is made: EVERYONE is profiting from illegal immigration!