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This video link has been sent to me numerous times and it seems to be gaining traction.  To be honest, I’ve considered dumping all my big bank accounts and credit cards as this seems to be the only way to deal with the real problem of corrupt bankers, politicians, and the like.   The best way to suffocate a crook is to cut off the oxygen supply (money).

Watch the video and consider moving your money, this is one of my goals for 2010.


Yeah I’m a bit early but it’s going to be a long weekend and I may not be online the next few days so have a great 2010!

By pure accident, I ended up on google news archives and discovered something very interesting.   I was searching for a list of companies that went bankrupt in 2009 and I came upon an odd little graph at the top of the google archive.   I’m not sure how the graph works but I’m assuming that the graph indexes the amount/volume of words used in News articles for the period in question.   Since news organization often give the readers “what they want” to read I can surmise that news articles are a reflection of societies’ needs, wants, likes and hopes.    So here are the graphs for a few key words.

The  graphs include economy & money related, recovery, depression, education, regulation, deregulation and gloom and doom famine, disease, death:

Just by looking at the graphs and the major spikes that occurred during major economic distresses such as the great depression and world war II,  I don’t think we are anywhere near the end of the current economic calamity but you can draw your own conclusions.

Merry Christmas!

I had lunch with a former co-worker college and he showed me his new iPhone.  I asked him why they were switching and he said that the company didn’t want to support Blackberry servers and pay licensing fees for it anymore.  Evidently, the iPhone can connect to the e-mail server without a blackberry server.  I’m not sure of the technical logistics of it but I was interested in what RIMM stock was doing so I decided to check it out.

From what I can tell, RIMM is on a struggle to get traction.  The economic meltdown seems to have taken a huge toll on Blackberry but I’m wondering if the change in business attitude is going to hurt RIMM in the long term.    Personally, I’m waiting for the rumored carrier-free Google Phone to come next month so I can buy it.   I’m tired of waiting for Apple to separate from AT&T so I can buy an iPhone and the company issued Blackberry I have has a pretty crappy browser so my choices are fairly limited.

I hope Google is serious about the Nexus cause I’m serious about buying.

Here’s an interesting observation, this year we bought our first turkey fryer for Thanksgiving.  We fried a turkey and chicken nuggets during the holiday and it was interesting that the new models all come with timers that only keep the flame burning for 30 minutes.   I’m fairly certain that the “timer” feature was a result of countless unattended oil burning over the past few years causing untold number of fires.    The explicit instructions that read, “DO NOT USE INDOORS” helps affirm my suspicions.

But we also recently bought a new George Foreman grill as the previous 10 year old one we owned finally burned out and that came with a timer that turns off after 30 minutes of use.   I can’t help but wonder if the next generation of stove tops, ovens, and other cooking appliances are going to have a 30 (or some time frame) limit on use.

Is this what our society has come to, the dumbing down of appliances to the point where they have to auto-shut off.   Is this what we can expect in the future for our cars and refrigerators?   I’ve heard rumors of giving the power company the power to shut down our appliances if there is too much demand for electricity.    And idle running cars should shutdown to save the environment right?

One of the things that has always perplexed me is why bedding is so expensive.   I can understand paying more for technological innovation such as the visco-elastic beds (which I own) but the simple box, padding and springs costing $700 and more never made any sense.   I can name a hundred things that do a hundred things (cell phones, computers, DVD’s, remoted controlled fans & heaters, etc) more that cost so little that it doesn’t make sense to pay $600+ for a box with padding.

So my daughter wanted a new bed for Christmas and we went to a few of the stores to check out mattresses and the CHEAPEST bed the mattress firms had just for the mattress (box not included) was over $300.  After going to a couple of the big mattress stores we ended up at Costco to find the perfect bed for $399 (box included).   Costco seemed to have the most reasonable prices for bedding given the quality factor and my daughter loves her new bed!

It was interesting that one of the mattress stores we visited was nearly cleaned out.  We asked the guy what happened and he said their lease was running out and they weren’t renewing -they were going to shut the store down!

After thinking about it for a while, it made sense that these mattress firms aren’t going to survive for much longer.   There needs to be some fundamental element of improvement or value add to these expensive padded rectangles that the stores have been selling.

Well if this is any indication of the state of the economy, I’m having a hard time finding any good gifts at Target.   Most of the shoppers are picking at stuff in the $10 or less aisles.   I’m so desperate to find two particular items that I may actually go to Wal-mart!  Yes, Wal-mart!  Oh the humanity!

As noted yesterday, there are plenty of LCD TVs on the shelves but why buy now when I can buy after Christmas for even better prices.  What are these guys gonna do, carry the inventory till next Christmas?

Well I honestly hoped that I would never have to write this post but I can’t hold back anymore.  I am seriously disappointed in Obama’s administration…seriously disappointed.   I was willing to suspend certain inalienable views in exchange for a single thing:  serious health care reform.   But what team Obama has created is a Frankenstein bill no different than Bush’ Bernankestein during the start of the banking crisis a while ago.

It’s become clear to me that Obama is a one term President and I won’t be surprised to see him as a lame duck President after the 2010 elections.  If it’s any consolation for Democrats, I have no plans on voting Republican as that earth has been scorched as well.   At next years election I will either vote completely 3rd party (libertarian, green, whatever) or not bother voting at all.

Oh well, all I want for Christmas is what I wanted last year, a stable monetary policy with a competent central bank.   Perhaps this is the year….

Well I stopped off at Costco to buy a telescope for my kid and I couldn’t help but see the stacks and stacks of LCD TV’s still there.   I hope Costco has the sense to do some serious mark downs on their TVs after Christmas but I’ve seen the same at retail outlets.   I am so eager to buy a couple of new LCD’s and I’m hoping Costco will bring back the buy one get one free.   They currently have that deal on Proscan TV, two 40″ for $800 but I’d like to see that kind of deal on a Samsung or Sony.

Come on Coscto, give me two for one!