I’m approaching my one year anniversary back at work and as this blog indicates, I’ve barely had time to write consistently and post daily.  I’m spending most of my time traveling all over the U.S. and I will soon likely end up traveling internationally for considerable periods of time which will likely lead to even fewer postings.

So what have I learned?

I’ve learned that I spent almost no money when I travel.   My meals are free, my hotel is free, my transportation is free and I don’t have too much time to buy anything except a few trinkets for the kids when I head back.

I’ve remembered why executives get richer and richer, little to no expenses when traveling and living it up at the best hotels with the best seats on the plane!

I’ve also been banking some serious cash in case all hell breaks loose and we dive into a depression.  I’ve long believed we would have a double dip and it looks like we may be headed there again very soon.

I’m also planning on returning to at least one more semester of MBA school for the cheap student loan money.  I’ve been banking this cash as it only has a 3% interest rate and the money is practically free.   I’m not sure what I’ll do with the cash but the tuition is fairly low at the school I’m attending.   I pocket over 10k every semester.

Lastly, a few of my peers have found work after being laid off for quite some time.  A colleague recently quit a job because he’s got a few offers on the table.   The key thing though is that these guys have very technical and high demand skill set for the moment.   I still know quite a few people unemployed.

I’ll be traveling again next week and for the foreseeable future but I’ll try to write more frequently when possible.