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It finally dawned on me today and not sure why I missed it before but I officially now interact on a daily basis with more Asians than I do with any other major ethnic group.

In my MBA studies, the vast majority of my professors or people teaching the class have been Chinese or Indian.   I recently went at got a massage to get the kinks out of my sore back muscles…guess where the massage therapist was from…she was Chinese (born here but of Chinese descent).    The girl that cuts my hair: Vietnamese.   The gas station at the corner where I get most of my gas is owned by an Indian dude.

The last couple of times I went to the grocery store, I had an Indian check out girl and a Chinese check out girl.    As I travel more and more places, I am seeing more and more Indians and Chinese.

I recently read that San Fransisco has hired a Chinese firm to build a bridge, I guess there’s no one in America that can do the work as we now have to outsource bridge building to China!   I guess this is progress….


So this past weekend I took the family out for dinner to the Cheesecake Factory and while we enjoyed a good meal sans the dirty tableware, I was surprised that the meal cost me nearly $70.

We had two adult entrees, two kid entrees and an appetizer. The non alcoholic drinks were nearly $10. What really interested me though was that the restaurant wasn’t as busy as it was about a year ago (which was the last time I ate there). It was an interesting experience because while there were large graduating parties there were still plenty of tables open.

Coincidentally, the day after I needed to fill my gas tank and the tab was nearly $70. I immediatetly wondered if people across America were making a choice between gas or dinner.

I also wonder if how bad things will get now that all the government tricks have essentially failed… I don’t think it will take long to find out.