Here is an important travel lesson learned.  I was planning on flying to Europe from the U.S. this week and my flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. This flight was on United and they did offer me a $300 travel voucher for my inconvenience but under EU rules for EU based airlines I would have been entitled to 600 euros ($700) in CASH compensation for my inconvenience.

Think about this – you receive horrible service from an airline and the compensation you get is a voucher to get right back the same horrible service airline?

The alternative – get on an EU based airline and if they screw up, you get $700 cash to apply that to any airline, ship line, train line, or even an Uber to get to your final destination.

Which model makes the most sense for the public?  Which model is going to encourage the airline to work harder and better on behalf of the customer?

At this point, I am hard pressed to understand why I should ever fly on United, American, Delta or any other U.S. based carrier to Europe over an EU one?

Why don’t EU airlines advertise this as their business model?  “If we make you late, we pay you!”   That one consideration alone is enough to make me want to fly EU airlines over US airlines any day of the week!

If you are planning a trip to Europe, here are some EU based airlines you should consider and remember to book your flight on the European side of the website and not the U.S. side.   Oh and if you’re worried about earning frequent flier miles, most airlines have partnerships with EU ones that will count your mileage but read the fine print.