Happy Father’s Day! This year for Father’s Day, I received an Oculus Rift S as a gift. I was excited and expected to set this thing up on my Dell Alienware Aurora R7 in a snap however 2.5 hours into updating drivers, software, and all sorts of other useless exercises I couldn’t get it to work.

I essentially could never get the headset to connect and was perpetually stuck at “Connect Your Headset.” Of course, I googled the problem and many others seem to be encountering the same issue.

I packed up the piece of garbage and took it back to the store (Best Buy).

As a Public Service Announcement, if you are considering getting a Oculus Rift S, please read the reviews and click on this google link before you do.


And yes, I did download the compatibility tool before I purchased the unit in case you’re wondering. I have a high end machine with high end graphics more than capable of running a rift. I will now look at other options.