The kids were spending the weekend with their aunt so my wife and I were left alone for the weekend. We opted to go out on a “date” on Saturday and settled on dinner & a movie. We figured it would be an inexpensive night out since this Brazilian steak house sent us a two for one dinner voucher but that wasn’t the case.

The dinner ended up costing about $85.00. We had Brazilian meats, a glass of wine and a dessert and weren’t too impressed with the meal. The actual cost would have been $127.00 had we not had the two for one voucher.

We opted to go see The Dark Knight flick. Tickets to movie theater: $18.50. Popcorn & a Drink: $11.75. I’m not factoring in other expenses too since we used at least a couple of gallons of gas to get to/from the restaurant and movie theater. We got dressed up so we’ll have to add the dry cleaning bill to the festivities.

So much for an inexpensive night out.