My kids are growing up in a truly digital online world.   After recently discovering Netflix, I showed my son how it works and he quickly quipped that it’s similar to iTunes.  Unbeknownst to me, he’s been purchasing shows off of iTunes for a while now and loading on his iPod for later viewing.   Interestingly, we are finding ourselves watching less and less cable TV now and simply going online for entertainment.

This brings me to a recent discovery on new TV’s; Many new TV’s are now coming with online capability built in such as the items here.  I will likely purchase a new set or tv sometime toward the latter part of the year when the sales go hot either black Friday or perhaps after Christmas and this is definitely one of the features I want.   I may replace all my TV’s with this feature to enable online Netflix access throughout the house.  Seriously, who wants to pay $100 per month for cable TV when Netflix is $9/month?

Between $0.99 TV shows (commercial free by the way) on iTunes, $9/month on Netflix and free Youtube and other online content, why bother with anything else?   The only thing missing right now is a box (computer) to bind them all together.    I wish the Mac mini were a bit cheaper so I could attach these to all my TVs and stream content throughout the house with my new storage array.

This ultimately doesn’t bode well for advertisers as I’m spending less and less time watching pointless ads and watching commercial free entertainment.   There goes another industry down the toilet through the advancement of modern technology.