I’ve been telling my associates that if you are looking for a job then it needs to happen in January or February because that’s when companies tend to have budgets released and the window to hire any open positions.  As such, I’ve started to receive calls from executive recruiters for some executive positions.  I got a call the other day about a Vice President position for a small ($200 million) company and they asked if I was interested.    I really wasn’t interested in working for such a small company but I was curious so I asked for some details.

The recruiter said the job was in Detroit and that’s when I burst out laughing.  I didn’t mean to be rude but I just couldn’t help myself.   Why the hell would I want to move to Detroit – The crime/bankruptcy/foreclosure/rusting center of the world?   I meant to ask the recruiter if she knew that Chrysler and GM had filed for bankruptcy and kept up on the thousands of homes being demolished in Detroit but I didn’t have the heart.   I told her I wasn’t interested in the position and then she asked if I knew anyone interested in the position.   Honestly, I told her that I don’t know of anyone that would want to move to Detroit for ANY reason and left it at that!

Seriously, you can buy a house in Detroit for $500 or less in many areas.  Hell people are giving them away just so they don’t have to pay property taxes on the damn things.  Good grief, even if I were currently unemployed, I wouldn’t go up to Detroit for anything….life is worth too much for that hell.