Lazy Man & Money replied with a counter argument to my post regarding Frugalism vs. Capitalism and the old chap put on a good show but I have to issue a response and here it is:
“That extra dollar will be taxed”
Are you seriously arguing that you shouldn’t earn extra money because you’ll be taxed for it? I think this epitomizes why frugalist won’t ever achieve superior wealth (note I’m not saying they won’t achieve a level of wealth – just not superior wealth) because they focus on the cheap and not on making the extra buck.

“The dollar a frugalist saves is typical a 100% guaranteed savings. The dollar that a capitalist earns is likely brought on with increased risk, that over the long run, might turn into a loss.”

A prudent capitalist mitigates his risk, carefully chooses his investments and seeks higher returns but you are correct, their investment MIGHT turn into a loss but just like when you woke up this morning it could have been your last day on earth  – there are risks to everything.

2) “The capitalist buying new all the time can over-extend themselves…The capitalist consumes and consumes without heed of what it might be doing to the environment.”
I don’t recall ever writing anything about buying new all the time nor did I write anything about over extending yourself. I specifically wrote that a capitalist uses EXCESS CAPITAL (i.e. disposable income) to purchase whatever he/she wants without too much concern for the price or cost of an item.

“The capitalist consumes and consumes….” I don’t recall writing or advocating unlimited consumption nor did I write anything about willfully damaging the environment but society has a way of fixing issues like this via methods called boycotts, regulations, laws, and lawsuits.
3) “..Again, the capitalist over-extends himself, but justifies it by “helping the economy.””

Once again, never said anything about overextending yourself. Use EXCESS CAPITAL.
4) “This probably stems from the capitalists wasteful nature.

“Capitalist wasteful nature” – Are we using the same meaning for the word capitalist? A capitalist invests his/her capital to achieve superior returns – what is wasteful about this? I posted the definitions of Capitalist and Capitalism on my blog.

5) “Car buying -… He also realizes that a car is a depreciating investment and would prefer to put his money in more investments.

A car is NOT an investment unless you’re using it to generate income (are you a taxi driver or a car dealer?). See my post here, (sigh and shrug shoulders).

“Capitalist…are looking for a way in which they can make more money for themselves” GOD YES! You have it down!

6) Pennies – I agree on this point, but don’t see any advantage or disadvantage to either.

You don’t see the advantage to earning an extra penny vs. not spending a penny? (Sigh and shrug shoulders.)

7) Spent time – The frugalist will be happy about the better world he has left behind, having twice as much as the capitalist, and have no debt. The capitalist risks ending up like Casey Serin, unable to sleep at night because the investments didn’t work out as planned.

I can name five billionaires off the top of my head: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sam Walton, George Soros, Paul Allen and NONE of them got ultra rich being frugalist. These guys ALL own giant mansions, high end cars, yachts, planes, etc. They are die hard capitalist – leaders to look up to. How many frugalist billionaires can you list? How about frugalist millionaires?

I recall reading as a kid in the Guiness World Book of Records about some little old lady that died with 18 million dollars of net worth. If memory serves, she got rich by living dirt poor and if I recall even let one of her kids die because she refused to pay for medicine. Is this the kind of hero you aspire to be?>

I know many think of Warren Buffet or Sam Walton as frugalist because they drove the same old car for x years or didn’t splurge on whatever but make no mistake they didn’t get there by pinching pennies they got there by investing capital to achieve superior returns.

I do not believe you can honestly be both a frugalist and a capitalist and pursue both without sacrificing vigor for one or the other.