Well I’ve been unemployed now for five months and I’ve just about become accustomed to my time off routine but I’ve been interviewing in the process periodically. My interviews haven’t been with multiple companies, they have been with only two and I’ve been interviewing with these companies for the past 10 weeks.

The schedule works something like this:

Week 1 – Phone call pre-screening.

Week 2 – HR second pre-screening interview.

Week 3 – off while company decides when first executive interview can be scheduled.

Week 4 – Interview with 1st executive.

Week 5 – off while company decides when second executive interview can be scheduled.

Week 6 – Interview with 2nd executive.

Week 7 – off while company decides when third executive/management team interview can be scheduled.

Week 8 – Interview with 3rd executive and/or Sr. Management Team.

Week 9 – Wait for group of managers & executives agree on final candidates.

Week 10 – Get notified by HR/Recruiter an offer letter is pending or final interview required.

I did interview with other companies simply because the State requires me to “actively engage in looking for work” while on unemployment benefits and the problem with those companies was always the same: the company could not come anywhere close to meeting my salary requirements. So during each phone screening, I would be “pre-qualified” for the job until they asked for my salary history. When I gave them the information, I rarely heard back or was immediately told that the company could not match. Only one company had the courage to tell me the truth although I knew they were all thinking it, “you’re a flight risk” is what one said to me. He meant that if they hired me at 80k to 100k, I’d bolt as soon as the job market recover and they’d have to go through the hiring process all over again.

It didn’t bother me and I hated wasting their time but I’m required to “actively engage in looking for work” by the state in order to collect unemployment benefits so we all went through the dance and wasted everyone’s time. I guess this keeps people busy and employed.

I’m at the point now where I’ll likely receive a couple of job offers in the 125k to 150k range (with bonus and other benefits) which is acceptable given the economic climate. Before I go back to work though, I’m thinking of going to Europe or South America for a few weeks but I may just hang out closer to home. It’s been a long road and I’ve learned quite a few lessons which I’ll be writing about in upcoming posts.