I’ve recommended that as a professional worker you should maintain memberships in trade associations and certifications in your career field and I recently attended a meeting for a professional association recently and I was struck by a few things that made me wonder.

The first thing that struck me as I entered this room was that out of the 50 or so people in the room approximately 45 were gray haired old white men. The remaining 5 were broken down by a person from India, one from China, two from Mexico and one from the Middle East.

It wasn’t the first time I encountered such a ratio in a professional trade setting. Actually, if you ever seem marketing material from either the Board of Directors or Executive Management group of most Fortune 500 companies, more likely you’ll see photos of about 90% white grey haired old white men. I’ve written extensively about the boomer population here, here, and here but I’m really beginning to wonder where all the future engineers, doctors, CEO’s and Board of Directors will come from because industry clearly hasn’t been investing in diversification & educating younger masses otherwise these meetings wouldn’t all be filled with grey haired old white men.

If you pay close attention, you’ll see it almost everywhere you go from John McCain (politics), Pat Buchanan, to newscasters on TV (Wolf Blitzer, Cokie Roberts, George Will). My doctors are all in their late 60’s too! Every time I fly, the pilot is usually a grey haired man as well.

I’m no sociologist so someone out there please tell me what the future holds for the US economy, finance, captital and our aging population; What happens after?