The price of food continues to drop and I recently went to the grocery store and picked up two boxes of 18 eggs for $2 and I’ve never seen such a deal on eggs before, at least not in recent memory.   I have also noticed the price of other staples down significantly such as rice and beans.

Bacon/Ham, Lobster, shrimp and certain fish categories also to continue to drop in price but one thing that perplexes me are beef prices.   I keep seeing certain cuts of meat as high as $8/lb and others constantly on sale at $0.99/lb so I can’t figure that out.

According to this post over as Global Economic Analysis, wholesale prices have dropped the most in 50 years and I am certainly seeing that in grocery items.   The generic price of bread continues to drop although I’ve see no change in price from the name brand price I usually buy but I’ve stopped buying the name brand and use the store brand now.   I can’t justify a 100% price difference from generic to name brand when there’s only a marginal taste difference.   I can swallow the difference!