We went for a drive to a nearby city this Memorial holiday to visit a relative and we were surprised at the low volume of traffic into/out of the city before and after our trip.   The gas stations weren’t busy, the traffic wasn’t backed up as it normally is during a busy holiday weekend.

I got the sense while driving that perhaps things are getting worse from an economic stand point.  It wasn’t a matter of traffic being light but restaurants, marinas, and shops were all fairly light and empty.   The only place that had quite a few people were the movie theaters.   We went to one theater to watch The Night At The Museum 2 but were turned away when the theater put up signs reading “ALL SHOWS SOLD OUT” so we headed to another theater and barely found seats for all of us.   During the last depression, “escapism” was THE thing to forget the misery of daily existence and perhaps we are at the cusp of a resurgence of that activity.

It will be interesting to see what economic data comes out in a few weeks to reflect May but things didn’t appeared very dreary this holiday weekend.