If there’s one good thing about the recession and millions of people being unemployed it is the fact that people who do have a job are desperate to keep it and as such are going out of their way to help people out.    I went in to Home Depot this weekend to look at grills since my old one has essentially rusted away after 10 years of use.   I saw a couple of models that I liked and didn’t go there to actually buy one but just to compare models and research prices on the net.

As I looked around, a HD rep came over and asked if I needed any help.   I asked a few questions and ultimately ended up buying the grill that I liked since it was supposedly on “sale” for the Super Bowl weekend.   The HD rep actually help me get the grill down from the shelves and load it into a flat-bed trolley.  He also helped pick out a cover for it by measuring the grill and making sure I had the right one so that I wouldn’t have to return it.

It has been a long while since I got that level of service at Home Depot and it was a pleasant surprise.