No doubt, you’ve probably seen at least one commercial for the new Chase ATMs.   The commercials show a guy feeding bills or checks into the ATM without having to fill out forms or stuff envelopes as the guy deposits money into his account in under 30 seconds…..sound great right?    WRONG!

I’ve now encountered this problem at least four times at Chase ATMs:   I drive up to the ATM and wait behind customer car in front as he/she works the ATM.  I’m waiting…..waiting….waiting….  What do I see?   The person in front is feeding check after check into the machine for 10 minutes!

Wait it gets worse!  On at least two occasions, I sit frustratingly in line while I watch the person feed check after check then “complete” the transaction only to see him/her whip out another card and start processing more transactions.   I’m guessing grandma is sending daughter out to deposit social security checks and daughter is conducting her own business in the process.    What now used to be a 45 second max transaction at the ATM has turned into a 10 minute frustrating wait.

If Chase is going to push all banking to the ATM then get 4 ATM installed at the bank, why do they just have one?  Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?    The really sad part is that all WAMU branches now have that Chase logo plastered all over them.  Ugh.