So I’m looking into the whole “frugal” lifestyle now that I’m unemployed. On Sunday I bought the newspaper and browsed through all the coupons to “save” a whole bunch of money when I went grocery shopping. As I flipped through the 30 or so pages of the coupon booklets I found ONE single coupon I could use.

Most of the coupons were for pet food (I have no pets), junk food (I don’t buy junk food), credit card fliers, variety of deodorizing products or plugins and other items I have little or no use for as an unemployed person.

So perhaps I missed something but I thought clipping coupons was suppose to save a great deal of money? How? Is there a secret stash of coupons that I’m missing? I would have been better off spending the hour I used up looking at the coupons in detail doing something else like reading the new Project Management Standard v4 book that just came out a month ago.

The single coupon I cut was for $1.00 off of two boxes of Post cereal. The cereal in question was indeed junk food but my kids really like it so I bought it anyway. Oh well, I guess I’ll take that $1 and buy a lottery ticket with it. 😉