Today is election day and hopefully by this evening we’ll know who will be leading the nation the next four years.  I actually didn’t vote this year  like I did last election for the presidency.  What I did do was print out a sample ballot and hand it to my son to fill out.   He looked it over and filled out who he wanted to vote for this election.   In all honesty, he was primarily interested in voting for a particular candidate for President and a few other people largely ignoring judges, state representatives and other curious items on the ballot.   Nevertheless, he did fill out the whole form error free.

We then went to the voting booth where I entered the selections and I had him push the “Cast Ballot” button and we were done.   We had to wait 2 hours in line to do this and I actually regret wasting the time to do it as I’m extremely disappointed in the two candidates for office.   We have a candidate with a failed four year plan and a candidate without a four year plan so which is the lesser of the two evils here?

What I would like to see in the next election is a new independent party focused on one thing: viable & sustainable economic growth.   I want this independent party to focus on this and ignore all the other impossible to solve issues I’ve heard on this election: rape, abortion, gay marriage, bengahzi, binders full of women, Keynesian crap, etc.