Yes, it is a need and not a want. The iPhone has everything that I’ve been looking for in a computing device. The one feature I don’t want of course is it’s cellular capabilities. When you start to think about the efficiencies this device creates it really hits you. Here’s just a sample from my perspective:

Forget about buying GPS car navigation, you’re iPhone can browse the web for directions; use google maps or mapquest.

The stock market made a sudden move up or down and you want to trade as you sit in the park with your kids, just do it with the iPhone.

Speaking of kids, you want to go to the cinema to catch Harry Potter but don’t know the show times? Click on Fandango while the kids finish playing in the swing and you’re set.

Stuck in traffic, log on to your e-mail and check your messages, write a post for a blog, or look for an alternative route; everything is right there!
Walking around at Best Buy and found the perfect LCD TV you’ve been wanting, why not surf the web and check prices to get the lowest price.

The possibilities really become endless when you think about how to harness the internet from virtually anywhere.

So why am I NOT buying an iPhone yet? Only one reason and it isn’t the cost of the phone, I’d gladly pay $1000 for the capability the phone has but the reason for not getting one is that it is stuck on AT&T’s SLOW network!

How do I know it is slow? I currently have an AT&T aircard for my laptop and it is slow! I didn’t realize how slow it was until I picked up a Sprint Wireless Aircard and saw the tremendous difference! Those TV commercials don’t lie, Sprint does have a much faster network and I’ve passed on my AT&T card to someone else.
Until AT&T upgrades their network or Apple comes up with a faster version, I’ll continue to carry my laptop and aircard around with me. The draw back is lugging around an 8 pound weight to get things done.

I can easily foresee a future however where laptops become obsolete. You’ll carry around an iPhone computing device which will have a couple of USB ports for you to attach a keyboard and mouse along with perhaps a VGA port to attach to a large external screen. I can already see it……and I like it!