Alright, I said I liquidated all my positions and I did but it was simply too tempting to let $500 slip by and not pick it up.  With options expiry this Friday, I decided to do one more ETF Covered Call this year to rake in $500.00.  If I get called on Friday, I’ll earn another $250 and if I don’t I’ll ride it out with the volitility.

I picked up 500 shares of SSO (double leveraged S&P 500) and sold slightly out of money calls for about $475.00.   This represents about 1.2% return in under 4 days so we’ll see what happens on Friday.

I still believe in a big market dip soon and I have been so swamped at work with so many project due over the next 30 days that I simply haven’t been able to focus like a laser on my investments for a couple of weeks now.   I took a breather a few days ago, saw a quick opportunity to rake in a little cash and I took it.

I’ll post a follow up on Friday after market close.