My oldest child will begin high school in the fall.   He applied to various schools and was accepted to a few and rejected from a few.  These were all private schools obviously and the one he has selected has a tuition of about $22,000.  The other $3,000 are for extracurricular activities (i.e. sports) and field trips which aren’t included as part of the tuition.

Given that he’ll be in high school for four years, we’re looking at a total tab of about $100,000 for high school.  It could of been worse, he applied to a prep school in the northeast that would have cost twice that!   I’m sure we’ll face maybe another $200,000 for college depending on which school he’s admitted to but perhaps we’ll get lucky and he’ll  get a scholarship.

So why pay the high cost?  We live in the city and wouldn’t even consider sending him to one of the public schools around here and you’d be surprised to see how many parents are scrambling to put their kids into these private schools – it’s highly competitive!

As an alternative, we’ve contemplated moving out to the x-burbs and find a school there however when factoring in the lost time to traffic to get into the city, higher property taxes, and other expenses such as fuel, it ends up being a wash financially but worse off when it comes to free time so we stay put.    My mortgage is now down to $9,000 (yes nine thousand not a typo) so I’m living on 85% disposable income now and the 25k isn’t too big a deal but still I cringe at the thought of having to write a check for $22,000 in a few weeks.

My son, someday when you read this blog, I hope you will appreciate the amount of money we’ve spent on you to get you where you are today.