A little over a year ago, I wrote this post questioning The Simple Dollar’s math regarding the benefit of a home made burger vs. McDonald’s $0.99 double cheeseburger.    The math was close and depending on what variables you included it was pretty much a wash.

It’s now a year later and inflation has made the cost of beef, cheese, condiments, and other ingredients go up dramatically these past twelve months.   I was amazed to pay $18.00 for three NY strip steaks (uncooked) at Costco this past weekend when I went shopping.   The cost of beef has gone sky high recently and doesn’t appear to let up.

I hope Trent will redo his home made burgers and enlighten us all on the new adjusted cost but I suspect that won’t happen.   If it does happen, it may wait till beef goes on some super sale where the numbers can be distorted to make the scenario fit the argument.   As for me, I can go buy 3500 cheeseburgers if I wanted  because some of my investments have paid off handsomely recently and that’s what I’m all about.