The professor for one of my MBA classes assigned partial chapters from a book from McGraw Hill and the experience was absolutely horrid.   It then occurred to me that McGraw Hill has the same dimwitted executives that Kodak has and I can only imagine the discussions going on in the board room.

What happened at Kodak:

Smart Employee 1: “The world is passing us by as everyone switches to digital!”

Dimwitted executive: “By god, we’re a film company, always have been always will be!  Film will make a come back!”

What is happening at McGraw Hill now:

Smart employees: “The world loves Amazon and iPads, the new digital books are the future!”

Dimwitted executive: “By god, we’re a book publisher and we’re going to publish real paper books!  Hardcovers are making a come back!”

I can only thank god Steve Jobs created the iBook authoring tools, despite some of its flaws, it is the start of the first nail in the coffin of McGraw Hill.  The world is done with these idiots, their difficult idiotic platforms and copy protection scheme nonsense.”

So why I am so angry?  I’ve wasted hours trying to get a book I paid for to download after following a complicated process.  Geez, with Amazon, its ONE CLICK – hint hint idiot executives at MH.  I don’t need nor do I like your stupid virtual bookshelf!