Wow!  The person I left in charge three companies ago just let me know that he got sacked!  It’s a shocker and I’m totally dumbfounded by it.   In a way, I’m shocked and in another way I’m not; the guy put in his dues and worked diligently for over a decade to get to the executive position he was in and he was a subordinate of mine that got promoted when I left.

I did my absolute best to try to train, mentor and teach him the ins and outs of quasi-executive life and he survived for a full two years but the economic toll has claimed him and he was told he had to go.   I’m not too shocked because I was sacked myself and I thought of myself as relatively invincible as I always brought value to the various organizations but that just doesn’t matter any more.   Too many companies are on the verge of insolvency, bankruptcy or cash flow crunches that “slash and burn” has become the norm.    Ironically, my wife and I just talked about the fact that whether I had stayed there or moved on I was bound to be laid off this year no matter what!

I’m really bummed by the whole thing and I hope he finds something soon but it’s not going to be pretty, six figure jobs are hard to come by these days.