Back in January of 2008, I began my boycott for the year because of the tax nonsense and put purchasing a variety of items (52″ LCD, 24″ iMac, etc.) on hold. In January of 2009, I was sacked and put any major purchases on hold but I continued to add items to the “To Buy” list. Here’s a quick tour of the things on my TO BUY list:

  • 52″ LCD TV – For family room
  • 36″ to 40″ LCD TV – For bedroom
  • 24″ iMAC
  • Mac-mini for family room
  • New Outdoor grill (current one finally rusted out after 10 years)
  • New iPod Nano for gym (old one’s battery won’t hold charge)
  • New laptop for wife (current one has faulty screen)
  • iLife 2009
  • New Cell phones w/ PDA capability (avoid iPhone)
  • Multifunction Scanner/Copier/Fax (current fax machine sucks)
  • Sonic Toothbrush (after 10 years, the battery won’t hold a charge)

Most of these items I still NEED to buy but some may be consolidated. If my new cell phone can be used as an iPod, I might not buy both and I’m not sure about the 24″ iMac anymore but I still need a new computer for a variety of reasons. The real question is when I’m going to get around to buying any of the items on my list.   It seems many people have put buying anything on a long wait list like I have and there isn’t any real sense that the economy has stabilized to go out on a shopping spree.

So every week that goes by I add another item to the list and Christmas will be here sooner than we think so will there be a huge boom in December?  Perhaps…..just perhaps…..