I walked into the credit union office and requested to open a new account.  The standard process was fairly mundane except when we came to the part where the rep asks me if I want a debit (visa/mastercard) branded card.   I said no, I want a plain ATM card.  “Sorry, we don’t offer those anymore.”

It must have been a fairly new policy because the form she gave me had a check box with “ATM Card” written right on it and I pointed that out to her and she said that they just don’t offer them anymore.

Well it’s no problem for me as I have basically stopped using ATM’s after Chase ruined them and I generally have other methods to obtain cash when I need it.  There is no way in hell I’m ever using a debit card as long as credit cards are around.   Why in hell would I want to risk losing funds from my bank account when I can lay that loss off on the credit card company?

Ultimately, I’m glad the credit union didn’t issue an ATM card since that means there’s only a couple of ways to get money out of there so perhaps it is a new layer of security to keep my money semi-safe.