So the Comcast guy came by and installed my new 25mb line with HBO and HBO Go included for a low low price of $39.99.   So far I’m happy with the service and speed and I’ve checked out a couple of movies on HBO GO through my Apple TV and it worked flawlessly.

The only fine print I didn’t read was that the HBO service and Basic Cable TV came with a standard receiver instead of an HD receiver.   The comcast guy offered to upgrade me but that came with a price of course and I declined it because I watch most of my TV through Roku, Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon prime and it’s already piped through at 1080p on my devices.   Overall I think Comcast was being cheap and petty by not automatically offering an HD box with the price already included.

In contrast, I was paying about $54 for ATT Uverse internet only at 12mb (half the speed of Comcast).   The deal is only good for a year so I imagine I’ll be canceling it a year from now and switch to the best deal 12 months from now.

We’re one step close to a-la-carte programming and I’m just happy to not have to subsidize garbage like ESPN, 1000+ cartoon channels and all the other channels I don’t watch on TV.   There is so much content now being produced on a daily basis around the world that channels should cost pennies on the dollar or at least the content should and I see cheaper days ahead for TV viewing.