For the first time in what must be years, we will actually be driving to our vacation destination this labor day weekend.  To be fair, it’s only a four day vacation but we normally fly to our destination and that won’t be happening.   Quite honestly, I’m sick of the current state of air travel:

First, you need to drive to the airport and waste a huge amount of time and gas to get there, then park car and spend more money.  Then there’s that bag fee that doesn’t seem to be included in the price of airfare any more.  Secondly, you need to walk through a virtual strip search because someone might blow up the plane.  If you wait and stop to think about that for a minute, it gives anyone pause to wonder why anyone should ever fly…strip naked to be sure the plane won’t be blown up.  Oh yeah and it irks me that there are 20 TSA guys just standing around doing nothing but collecting salaries and likely absurd pensions.

Then it’s another wait until you board the plane and consider yourself lucky if the flight isn’t delayed because of weather or something else because the airlines run on a skeleton plane schedule, you’re next flight might not be till the next day.    When you finally get on board, it’s generally a horrible experience with crap seating, little or no food, and flight attendants that might pop the hatch and jump off the plane with a beer.

Finally, you arrive at your destination and pay more fees, taxes and god knows what when you rent a car and head to your final destination.   The whole system simply isn’t sustainable any more and it will all come crashing down soon.   As for this family, we’re avoiding the air hassles and simply driving to our destination!