August was a fairly good month as I raked in ~$3500 with about 8 trades or as I like to think of it,  8 clicks of the mouse across a couple of electronic accounts.  It’s really not that hard to make money once you have some good working capital.    There are many ways to rake in cash out there but the allure of a brokerage account has been that it can be done in minutes with a click of  a mouse.


The best part of the cash flow, however, is that it gets reinvested back into the “system” to earn more cash and hopefully, with time will grow enough to become a primary source of income to live on.    Unfortunately, it is becoming very time consuming to keep up with my blogs and I may soon have to make a choice about the future of continuing on with them.

Oddly enough, deep inside, I’ve always known that the time would come when I would have to choose between focusing on simply making money vs. making money+ blogging about it.    It does get fairly lonely at the “top” and there aren’t too many capitalist bloggers out there sharing knowledge.    It is impractical to get people like Warren Buffet or Donald Trump to blog daily about their activities and while I’m nowhere near their financial league,  it is easy to see why they don’t blog; their time is simply better spent earning the money and enjoying the fruits of their labor.