With plenty of free time lately, I’ve been doing odd jobs around the house. Things that have been on a perpetual to do list for ages. One of the things I installed recently were motion detector flood lights. These are lights that activate when the sensor detects movement. I have four installed around the perimeter of our home but some of the bulbs had gone out in the lights so that when the lights came on they didn’t provide a great deal of lighting.

I went to Home Depot to pick up the bulbs and was shocked to find out each little bulb costs around $8.00. So purchasing three of these little bulbs cost nearly $30.00!  The manufacturer will make more money off the bulbs than the actual security appliance.   The motion sensor flood lights cost about $38 and the bulbs cost nearly as much!   This is similar to ink jet printers that cost $99 but whose ink costs $30+ every few months of use.

I have a business idea for a saavy entrepreneur out there, build a web system that shows the true cost of ownership for things like security lights and ink jet printer.    I envision a flash page where you select the printer or security light or appliance and the ancillary components and replaceable parts are listed along with the energy usage to display the true cost ownership.

Our fridge has a replaceable filter than I’ve come to find out cost over $20 to replace.   These appliances and gadgets are nickel and diming me to death!