The stock market is going to crash again.  I know that is unpopular and no one wants to hear it but it’s the sad truth.   The Fed has been at ZIRP for ages now, trillions of dollars pumped into the fiat economy and we’re nowhere near out of this housing mess.   Consumption is down and will continue to go down in my opinion and there isn’t anything to fill the void.   Boomers will continue to downsize and consume ever larger quantities of healthcare to try to stay alive.   It’s not going to be good people….

Which brings me to the Golden Age of the Stock market.  If you look at the chart below

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You will clearly see the Golden Age of the stock market was from 1987 (right after the crash) thru 2007 right before the last crash.   The stock market will, in my opinion, flounder for the next decade or two and possibly recover in the 2030’s or 2040’s if we’re lucky.    If you didn’t live thru this golden age of the stock market let me tell you a little about it.

It was an era when ever increasing amounts of money was thrown around at anyone that wanted to be a brokerage trading stocks.  I can’t even remember all the names of all the brokerages I dealt with after one after the other bought each other out.   It was an era where bonuses of $100 to $500 were not uncommon for opening accounts at these brokerages.  It was an era where trading fees went from $49 per trade down to dollars per trade in an ever growing feeding frenzy of trying to attract customers.   The thing I loved most of course was the tremendous growth in capability with the online trading platforms whereby today you can buy stocks on almost any exchange worldwide.

Oh this was the golden age of the stock market kids and I remember it like it was yesterday…..