So I’m licking my chops and tenting my fingers contemplating and scheming about my future Apple iPad.   In all honestly, I’m really holding out for a price drop or improvements to the iPad such as the addition of a camera or Bluetooth functionality but if that doesn’t come by Christmas then I’ll just by a few as is for everyone in my family.

So I’ve reviewed the iPad options and aside from memory and 3G connectivity, the iPads are fairly straightforward.   The first economic consideration is which iPad I should buy.  The WiFi models come in three prices $499 (16 GB), $599 (32 GB), $699 (64 GB).   The 3G models come in three prices $629, $729, $829 with the same respective memory sizes as the WiFi models.    The 3G model however also come with AT&T monthly service  plans at $15/month for 250mb or $25/month for 2GB for SINGLE iPad use only.

So I’m thinking I can get Virgin Mobile’s MiFi Router for $149 and pay $40/month for UNLIMITED internet for up to FIVE devices.   If I buy four iPad devices with 3G then I would be paying $25 x 4 = $100/month for 2GB per device.   The math doesn’t work in favor of AT&T’s plan here and neither does paying an extra $129 dollars for the extra capability per device.

Of course the downside is that all iPads would need to be in range of the MiFi device but quite honestly, the family and I usually travel together and we have WiFi in our home, office and most hotels so I’m questioning the need to even have one except for long road trips in the car.

I also understand that this could also run a variety of VOIP apps so they become giant portable phones and if true then we’re looking at phone, computer and entertainment device at $10/month!