If there is a single thing that gets my blood boiling, it’s the damn health insurance industry.    I found this article on Yahoo and read this year’s most ridiculous statement ever.

Another obstacle was evident Tuesday — the insurance industry.

In a joint letter to senators, the two largest industry groups warned in stark terms that a proposed government insurance plan would dismantle the employer coverage Americans have relied on for a half century and overtake the system.

America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association also said they don’t believe it’s possible to design a government plan that can compete fairly with private companies in a revamped health care market. That particular statement seemed to be aimed at lawmakers of both parties who are seeking a compromise on the contentious issue.

Hey knuckleheads, the health care system is totally broken and the “quasi free market model” has caused the problem.   I’m a Ron Paul die hard capitalist but the ONLY major exception I make is with the crazy health care system.    Let’s briefly examine what health insurance really is:  a socialized form of health care.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this is how “free market” health insurance works.

  • Get a policy and pay ridiculous premiums of say $200 to $1200/month.
  • If I don’t ever get sick and need medical care, the health insurance company keeps the premium as profit.
  • If I do get sick, the health insurance company will do everything in its power to limit, reduce or refuse to pay for medical care, otherwise this cuts into their profit.   The greater the success in limiting coverage, the bigger the bonus for health care execs.

Did I miss anything?    This reminds me of the argument that it’s better to have a huge mortgage for the tax deduction.  The crazy theory here is that it is better to pay a bank a bunch of interest than paying the government their due taxes.  So somehow it’s better to pay bank interest than government money?   With health care, it’s better to pay health insurance companies money rather than the government taxes?

I have no idea if government will do a better job than the “free market” but I’m ready to try something different.  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  Medicare and Medicaid aren’t perfect but it seems seniors seem to be relatively happy with the program and it is THE MOST POPULAR health plan out there.  In contrast I keep hearing that Veterans Administration health care is horrible so I don’t know what to make of that and why there is such a huge disparity between the programs.

Any argument that a government bureaucrat is going to be making rationing decisions is mute when you consider that a health insurance bureaucrat is making the exact same decisions now.   Let’s be realistic here too, we’ve got 80 million boomers that will be heavily taxing and draining the health care system and rationing is an inevitability no matter what happens!

It’s interesting that Senators and Congressmen don’t appear to choose any “free market” health care system and about all opt for the government run program.   That’s what I find really interesting….