I wrote about my college roommate that got by on $6 of food per week and I’ve decided that I’m going to play the Frugal Advocate for the month of February.

My plan is to buy large bags of beans and rice and a bag of chicken quarters and/or chicken breasts. I’ll try to keep the cost down to under $10. I’ll cook the beans, rice and chicken, create portions for each day for lunch and dinner. I’m going to allow myself to buy breakfast to keep from going insane from the monotony but I won’t spend more than $4 on breakfast.

I’ll buy the items tonight and do this for the whole month of February to see what happens.

My goals are to observe:

1. How much weight do I lose/gain.

2. How much money do I save.

3. What is my quality of life during the month of February

4. How does this experiment impact my family dining experience

I’ll post progress periodically to see how well I can live the “frugal” way of life.